Fruit and Vegetables

We are specialized in the importation of perishable goods: forwarding fruits and vegetables is one of our main activities. Our teams of professionals based in Roissy, Orly and Rungis are trained in this sector and at your service. French companies can also export their goods throughout the world with SATEXPORT.

We import many products, such as:

  • - Green beans
  • - Tropical fruits
  • - Limes
  • - Gumbo (also known as okra)
  • - Berries

Originating from:

  • - Africa
  • - Latin America
  • - Asia

We are recognized as an authorized weigher for bananas.

Our importing clients trust us to collect their products coming from all over the world, all year long. We guarantee swift and reliable service. During the transit process, we stay in touch with clients, with cargo handling companies, carriers and airline companies. We keep track of the goods to make sure that they are transported as quickly as possible and in good conditions.

We follow all applicable European norms (phytosanitary tests, fraud, customs clearances).

To contact us, click here.

Don’t hesitate to contact SATEXPORT,, our company specialized in the exportation of agri-food products, if you are a French entrepreneur and wish to export your fruit and vegetables.

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