Our Expertise in Air Transport

Because we specialize in the importation and exportation of perishable goods, we must be reactive and efficient at any given time. Very short deadlines must be respected to transport goods as quickly as possible while complying with the highest safety standards.

All our agencies provide:

  • - Customs operation management
  • - Veterinary and phytosanitary paperwork assistance
  • - Shipment tracking
  • - Quick processing of administrative formalities
  • - Advice
  • - Tax representation
  • - Constant and dedicated contact
  • - Our worldwide network of correspondents

We are at your service 365 days a year, 24/7.

SATEXPORT, our subsidiary, is specialized in the exportation of agri-food products and takes care of all procedures related to freight preparation:

  • - Receiving goods
  • - Managing stocks
  • - Preparing orders
  • - Deliveries
  • - Packaging goods in isothermal paltainer boxes
  • - Equipped with an 2000 square meter cold warehouse (+2° - +4°C)

We take care of customs formalities for export, we make reservations with airlines, we negotiate prices and we monitor your shipments as they travel.

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